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Shari Green, COM®


“Thumb Class” is in Session

Discover the innovative program that has successfully helped thousands of children and adults remediate their digit sucking behavior for decades. Nail biting, tongue sucking, and pacifiers will also be covered in this intense and comprehensive advanced course. Theory and research will be presented as well as the theory and psychology behind the behavior. Learn the intracicies of a successful and FUN digit sucking program with actual video of live sessions followed in detail throughout 60 days of treatment. A digital link will be provided for all attendees. At the conclusion of this course you will feel better prepared to start your own habit program or tweak an existing one. Yes, you CAN help change a child’s life! I want to help!
To register, email Ms. Green at or call (847) 641-4444. Additional course info and an application can be obtained at the following link:!Avn2e3tppVBUxhnFiJtGmmK5YlHc

Shari Green, COM®

Shari Green, COM®, R.D.H. (Ret.), B.A., Ms. Green has maintained a full time Orofacial Myology practice in Chicagoland for over 22 years. Sole recipient of the IAOM Rose Van Norman Prevention Award, IAOM Past President, and current Examiner on the IAOM BOD. Graduated Cum Laude, Northeastern Il. U., Parkland College School of Dental Hygiene Alpha Omega. Noted researcher, author, instructor, and COM® since 1998. Popular media credits include PEOPLE, Entrepreneur, Scholastic, and Seventeen Magazines. Ms. Green’s life’s passion and expertise? Helping kids succeed via positive-based digit sucking elimination programs…and she would love to share her secrets with YOU.!

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