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Expand your knowledge and your skills with this manual authored by Marjorie L. Snow, MA, RDH, COM. A very active Certified Member and former IAOM President, Margie Snow created this complete text for both the beginner and the advanced therapist. ad

The manual contains all of the information essential to a college course including illustrations and tables. The didactic background is supplemented with a comprehensive clinical section reflecting 30 years of experience with a diverse population of clients.

The text contains two sections and it's in an easy-to-use binder format. The first section features bases of anatomy, physiology, and orofacial myology, including behavioral modification principles. The sub-section on dentistry and orthodontics is particularly designed to enhance Speech-Language-Pathologists' knowledge in these crucial areas. The second section presents a complete therapy sequence, evaluation plan, exercises, lesson plans, charts, forms and much more. This is the ideal text for students and practitioners as well, and a must in any orofacial myofunctional therapist library.

To order the manual please contact Marjorie L. Snow at: or call (269) 679-3649. $70 On sale now! $50 including shipping and handling. Payable by check or money order.


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