2019 IAOM Convention

September 20 – 22, 2019 | New Orleans


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Convention Agenda
“Airway is Everything”

September 20, 2019

September 21, 2019

September 22, 2019

The Dental Intervention Strategies in Airway Management

Dr. Tracey Nguyen maintains a private private 30 minutes outside of Washington, DC,
in Northern Virginia. She is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. On top of being trained by some of the best leaders in dentistry, she continued her training at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington.

In 2016, she was honored with Top 25 Women in Dentistry. Dr. Tracey Nguyen serves as a visiting faculty at Spear Education for the Airway Prosthodontics Workshop.  As a member of the Wellness Dentistry Network, her practice is heavily based on integrating overall health, bridging the gap with medicine and dentistry. Recently she created the Sleep and Airway group in Northern Virginia, an Interdisciplinary group made of sleep physicans, ents, allergerist, dentists, and
myofunctional therapists. They focus on screening, diagnosing and treating children and adults with Sleep Disorder Breathing.

Dental Screening tools and intervention strategies for airway management

Learner Outcomes:
 Participants will understand how to recognize common malocclusion that have
co-morbidities to sleep and airway diseases.
 Participants will understand common screening tools and digital images
 Discussion on various orthodontic tools in airway management for all ages.
 Participants will understand the goals of dental airway management, we can
properly communicate with other specialist and develop an interdisciplinary team.

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, hotel/lodging, travel stipend,
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

Temporomandibular Remediation and the Airway

– Emily B. Levy, DDS, FOM
– Dentist, myofunctional therapist, treats patients with TMJ/sleep apnea
– Emily Levy, DDS ,has studied for the last two years under world leaders in the treatment of craniofacial pain and sleep breathing disorders.
– Emily Levy, DDS, graduated from LSU School of Dentistry. Her practice treats patients with sleep breathing disorders and craniofacial pain, as the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of New Orleans. She is becoming board certified in craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine. She is also a myofunctional therapist.

Learning Objectives
– Participants will be able to identify common oral manifestations of temporomandibular joint
disorder and obstructive sleep apnea, as seen in a dentistry practice.
– Participants will be able to recognize signs and symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder
and obstructive sleep apnea, as well as the implementation of imaging in order to assist in
proper diagnosis of these disorders.
– Participants will be exposed to the etiology and diagnostic process of sleep related breathing
disorders and craniofacial pain, as well as how myofunctional therapy can benefit a patient
suffering with these quality of life issues.

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived
Non-Financial Disclosures: TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centres International

Orofacial Muscle Dysfunction,TMD, and the Spine: Relationship & Practical Implications

About Eric Cedor, BA, DPT, ScD, COMT
Dr. Cedor graduated from Louisiana State University’s School of Allied Health with a master’s degree in physical therapy in May of 2006.  He went on to acquire a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Mississippi, followed by a certification in manual therapy of the spine through IAOM-US in conjunction with his acquisition of a Doctor of Science degree through the Health Sciences Center at Texas Tech University.  He currently maintains an extensive outpatient practice while serving as regional director of two orthopedic physical therapy clinics in southern Louisiana.


Learner Outcomes
 Participants will be able to describe the normal biomechanics of the cervicothoracic spine and the TMJ
 Participants will understand the basic clinical findings of masticatory muscle dysfunction and TMJ joint disorders
 Participants will comprehend the general postural components and potential dysfunction within the cervicothoracic system as contributors to craniomandibular pain and orofacial muscle dysfunction
 Participants will appreciate the role of the Trigeminocervical complex as a key link between spinal dysfunction, TMD and orofacial muscle disorders
 Participants will appreciate the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to patient management

Dr. Cedor is an adjunct faculty member who regularly lectures for the physical therapy programs of three universities including LSU, Emory and Franciscan University of Our Lady, Louisiana’s newest physical therapy school in Baton Rouge, LA. Dr. Cedor is a also frequent lecturer at the LSU dental school where he primarily educates the prosthodontic, endodontic, periodontics and orthodontic residents on the role of physical therapy in the management of orofacial pain.

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived; two single-day guest pass (Friday only), honorarium
Non-Financial Disclosures: none

The Upper Airway Resistance

Ken Hooks, RRT, RPSGT

Founder/operator of True Sleep Diagnostics

Ken is a registered respiratory therapist with 7 years of experience and a registered polysomnographic technologist for adults and pediatrics with 6 years of experience. He is also the polysomnographic technician instructor at Greenville Technical College. He co-authored the case report “Rapid Maxillary Expansion and Adenotonsillectomy in 9 year old twins with Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: An Interdisciplinary Effort. He is currently working on 2 case studies; “Pediatric Home Sleep Testing” and Myofunctional Therapy, the Missing Link”

Learner Outcome

Participants will be able to correlate signs and symptoms of upper airway resistance and sleep
disordered breathing with visual cues.
Participants will be able to explain how mid-face deficiency affects overall health.
Participants will be able to explain how disrupted sleep architecture results in cognitive and bodily dysfunction.

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived; hotel/lodging; travel stipend
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

The Physiology of Sleep & Breathing: From Sleep Bruxism to Sleep Apnea

Jerald H. Simmons, Md. Is Triple Board-Certified in Neurology, Epilepsy and Sleep Medicine and is the Founding Director of The Sleep Education Consortium (SEC) and Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Associates, PA (CSMA) with locations in Houston and Austin, Texas. He trained in Neurology at Washington University, Sleep Medicine at Sanford University and Epilepsy at University of California. He began his professional career as Assistant Progressor of Neurology at UCLA while co-directing the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center and directing the Clinical Neurophysiology lab at Olive View UCLA. In 1999 he moved to Houston establishing his sleep disorders practice. He continues to conduct research studies relating to sleep disorders and developing methods to enhance the assessment and treatment of patients with sleep disturbances.
His most recent research involves the relationship between Clenching/Sleep Bruxism/TMJ Disorder with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as well as the relationship between ADHD and disturbances of sleep. Education is an important aspect of his career, having trained medical students, residents and fellows in sleep medicine and then establishing the SEC as an outreach to educate the healthcare community.

Learner Outcomes:
 Identify patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
 Recognize how mandibular and tongue function influences the pressure in the airway
 Classify the results of a sleep study to assist in the patients care

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, hotel/lodging, travel stipend, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

Collaboration between the Pediatrician and Orofacial Myologist

Anatole Karpovs, MD, FAAP, CCMS
Children’s Clinic of Southwest Louisiana

Expertise: I am a board certified physician specializing in pediatrics with specialty training as a Certified Culinary Medical Specialist. I have completed the Tethered Oral Tissues Specialty (TOTS) training with Autumn Henning. In the fall of 2019, I will be personally trained by Dr. Bobby Ghaheri to further my expertise in the area of tethered oral tissue and its impact on breastfeeding, craniofacial development, sleep disorders and speech. These trainings make me uniquely qualified in the field of preventative healthcare as it relates to diet, nutrition, and oral motor feeding disorders. In addition, I am a 2-time cancer survivor. I use food as medicine and enjoy helping patients from a more holistic approach to achieve wellness in daily lives.

Biography: Dr. Anatole Karpovs, MD, FAAP, CCMS, is a pediatrician in a private practice in Lake Charles, Louisiana with nearly 20 years experience. He received his training at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans and completed his residency in Richmond, VA. He is married to a speech-language pathologist, with whom he has two children. He is a 2-time cancer survivor and helps patients from a more holistic approach to wellness. His personal and professional experiences with health and disease influenced him to return to school. He earned designation as a Certified Culinary Medical Specialist from Tulane University to help patients and families use food as medicine. Dr. Karpovs completed TOTS: Tethered Oral Tissues Specialty training with Autumn Henning and will personally train with Dr. Bobby Ghaheri in the fall of 2019. This combination makes him uniquely qualified in the field of preventative healthcare as it relates to nutrition, oral-motor feeding disorders, airway disorders and speech with a team approach to care.



Stephanie Kestel Karpovs, MCD, CCC-SLP
Affiliations: Member of ASHA and Special Interest Group 13: Swallowing &
Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia); member of IAOM; Louisiana licensure

Biography: Stephanie Kestel Karpovs, MCD, CCC-SLP; Wellness Coach Stephanie graduated with her master’s degree from LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans in 2001. She has worked in various settings across the years, but currently specializes in pediatric feeding disorders in a private practice. She has 15 years experience working with premature infants and serves as the Team Therapy Leader in the NICU. She has completed Tethered Oral Tissue Specialty (TOTS) training and has completed numerous Talk Tools courses. Stephanie has training in Orofacial Myology through the IAOM and is currently working toward her COM. In addition, she has authored several magazine articles on the topics of health and wellness and is a regular guest on the local morning news. She is the mother of two preemies and is married to a pediatrician. In her spare time, she presents on topics of leadership, team-building, holistic health and wellness to build stronger communities.

Financial Disclosures: conference registration waived; travel stipend, hotel/lodging
Non-Financial Disclosures: Personal (holistic health views and family members affected by the topic in presentation),Professional (places of employment in relationship to case studies), speakers are married, volunteering on advisory committee/review panels

Oral and Nasal Airway Evaluation and Surgery

Dr. LeBert, a Lake Charles native, specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of a variety of diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat, as well as related structures of the head and neck. This includes, but is not limited to sinus disease, tinnitus, ear infections, tonsillar conditions and facial reconstruction.

Dr. LeBert attended LaGrange High School in Lake Charles. He graduated magna cum laude from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge with a degree in Zoology and a minor in Psychology. Dr. LeBert went on to earn a medical degree from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans, where he also completed a residency in Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. LeBert founded ENT & Allergy Clinic in 2013, where he practices with Imperial Health ENT physician Dr. Blake LeBlanc.

Learner Outcomes:
 Identify when an excisional vs incisional frenectomy would be most beneficial and explain the surgical steps required for each
 Identify suture vs open technique
 Recognize upper airway obstruction from enlargement of the adenoids and tonsils
 Identify allergy as a potential cause of airway blockage
 Identify the approach patients for ENT referral and how working together as a treatment team can lead to superior outcomes

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, hotel/lodging, travel stipend
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

Airway and Pediatric Dentistry: A Comparison of Pediatric Dental Sedation Protocols and Laser Procedures

Dr. Brynn Leroux is a graduate of LSU School of Dentistry and the pediatric dental residency program of the Medical University of South Carolina.  Dr. Leroux is a partner in Associates in Pediatric Dentistry, a group practice with 4 locations serving the Greater Baton Rouge area. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and has begun the certification process through the American Board of Laser Surgery.

After being personally affected by tongue tie and sleep disordered breathing, Dr. Leroux has taken a special interest in tethered oral tissues, airway-centered dentistry, sleep medicine, and
interceptive orthodontics. She is a TOTS trained professional, an active member of and speaker for the American Laser Study Club, and a founding member of the International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP), where she currently serves on the Board of  Directors as Treasurer. She provides laser lip and tongue tie revisions from birth through adulthood using the Light Scalpel CO 2  laser. Her practice can offer any level of sedation or anesthesia “in house” as needed to provide patients with the most thorough, positive, and safest laser revision experience. Dr. Leroux works closely with a team of collaborative partners to ensure detailed follow through and comprehensive care for her patients.

In her spare time, Dr. Leroux and her family enjoy entertaining family and friends, attending
LSU football games, exercising, traveling, and spending time at their lake house.

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, guest registration waived, hotel/lodging
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

Intervention and Orofacial Myology

Dr. Karen has dedicated her career to be on the cutting edge of dentistry and all the newest technology options available to help her patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. With over 25+ years of experience and a renewed passion, she is now making it her priority to share her knowledge with other healthcare providers across many disciplines and help them identify the oral-systemic conditions that can help prevent many reversible diseases in our society today. With early intervention, patients of all ages can thrive and enjoy a greater quality of life.

She has spent countless hours traveling around the country obtaining a multidisciplinary education.

Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the UT San Antonio Health Science Center Dental School, 1992
General Practice Residency, Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, 1993
Associate Clinical Instruction, UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas 2018-present
Assistant Adjunct Professor, UNC Dental School, Chapel Hill, 2016-Present
Clinical Assistant Professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, 1994-1997
World Clinical Laser Institute, Certification 2015
Diplomate, American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine, 2014
Fellow, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, 2014
Diplomate, American Board of Laser Surgery, 2017
Active dental licensures in Virginia, North Carolina, and Texas, Washington State
Fellow of Orofacial Myology, 2018
QOM: Qualified Orofacial Myologist- Neohealth Services

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, vendor table fee waived, cAirways LLC
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

Dinner Only @ $100.00 OR Dinner + Arnaud’s Signature French 75 Cocktail @ $120.00

3-COURSE MEAL TO INCLUDE: coffee, tea, soft drinks and 2 glasses of Hahn Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon OR 2 beers per person

Entrée Option 1:

Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo

Roasted chicken and andouille sausage in a dark roux with Cajun aromatics; served with rice

Entrée Option 2:
Petit Filet Au Poivre (gluten free)

Seared pepper-studded five-ounce filet with classic French brandy cream sauce accompanied by Brabant potatoes

Entrée Option 3:

Vegetarian and Special Food Allergy Request


Bananas Foster (gluten free)

Bananas, butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. Flamed with rum atop

French vanilla ice cream.


Butter Lettuce Salad (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)
With hearts of palm, radishes, seasonal tomatoes, black eyed pea croutons and

Arnaud’s Creole mustard vinaigrette
Stuffed Mirliton (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)

Stuffed with squash and eggplant tapenade. Served with seasonal vegetables, field peas and roasted red pepper coulis

The Lost Art of Chewing

Dr Mary Bourke is a Chiropractor with a special interest area of paediatric growth and development.

Mary has a unique and experiential perspective on children’s health and development- particularly as it relates to oral facial function. The daughter of pioneering Australian dentist Dr Kevin Bourke, she grew up surrounded by his passion for human health and learning about the intricacies of oral facial growth, breathing and the origins of human nutrition.

Mary has been in Chiropractic Practice for over 28 years and is a certified SOT practitioner and Craniopath. Mary is a great believer in the synergistic benefits of working with other health practitioners in a collaborative approach. This belief in collaboration has been very much a part of the philosophy behind Myo Munchee and is critical to getting best patient outcomes for oral facial and cranial growth, neurology and function of the stomagnathic system.
One of her key professional goals with both chiropractic care and as the CEO of Myo Munchee, is to spread the word about the benefits of chewing and the denaturing effects of long term pacifier use. Mary will be talking about the importance of movement for optimal genetic expression.

In this keynote presentation Mary covers:
• Movement patterns for human growth and development
• What are Postural Reflexes and how do they control and impact our movement function and development.
• What does ideal development look like- so we can know what is not ideal
• How does movement relate to airway growth and development.
• What is oral posture and what are the ramifications of a poor oral rest posture
• Can chewing change our epigenetics?
• What the studies are saying about chewing and its implications for oral -facial development, brain function, digestion and ageing.
• Can manual therapists influence occlusion?
• The long-term effects of pacifier use – according to the literature
• How does movement The mouth breather – how does this all relate and what we can do

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, hotel/lodging, travel stipend, vendor table fee waived, Myo Munchee
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

Tongue Tie and Oral Motor Dysfunction in the Pre-crawling Infant

Ellen M. Carlin, M.S.CCC-SLP, IBCLC; certification track for COM
Owns and operates a private practice in The Woodlands, TX. Completed her master’s degree at Miami University in Oxford, OH. She has worked with breastfeeding infants for over 26 years; Obtained her IBCLC in 2015. She specializes in feeding and myofunctional disorders, structural and sensory-motor based speech disorders, and interventions for breastfeeding infants. She presents both nationally and internationally on topic areas of her specialty. “Tongue Tie & Oral Dysfunction: From Breastfeeding To Table foods” Her most recent presentations include: South Carolina – March & July 2019; Sydney and Melbourne, AU – May 2019; Chicago – August 2019.

SUMMARY: Identifying and treating early feeding difficulties in breastfed infants helps keep their feeding skills on track and extends exclusive breastfeeding. Learn; how tongue tie impacts oral function and airway in infants.

ABSTRACT: Tongue tie and oral dysfunction: when is the lingual frenulum considered altered, impacting lingual range of motion and function?  Evidence based tongue tie research supports a multidisciplinary approach and early intervention as best to reduce the onset of alterations correlated with Ankyloglossia. Difficulties with Ankyloglossia are cited as yielding mechanical limitations and functional challenges. Ankyloglossia many times results in low tongue positioning, which may begin to facilitate mouth breathing patterns in infants.  Research reports collaboration with orthodontist, physiotherapist and speech therapist as recommended to better problem solve and facilitate improved lingual positioning and function needed for feeding and speech development, as well as overall health and wellness. Early feeding difficulties associated with Ankyloglossia may be identified during breastfeeding, puree introduction and/or table food progression. Behavioral adaptations adopted by the infant are viewed as functional. Inability to successfully manipulate new textures, secondary to reduced tongue function, may progress into maladaptive feeding disorders. Early feeding interventions used to improve tongue function following frenotomies have shown positive outcomes in feeding abilities. (Survey 2014) Evidence based research will cite poor tongue function related to tongue tie, and the need for speech pathologist to collaborate as part of the feeding team to strengthen and retrain infant swallow. Therapy techniques used for pre and post frenotomy care will be demonstrated. Baby friendly exercise techniques for developing oral motor strength and breath control for improvement of sucking skills and feeding stamina, safe nursing strategies for infants with Laryngomalacia, and implementing successful nursing positions for infants with asymmetrical alignment will be presented. Addressing oral motor needs, improving sucking synchronization, strengthening and building breath support is crucial for success at the breast to extend exclusive breastfeeding. As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to identify when a lingual frenulum is considered altered, impacting lingual range of motion and function, as well as impacting airway. Participants will be able to identify early feeding interventions used to improve tongue function following frenotomies which have shown positive outcomes in feeding abilities. Additionally, Participants will be able to identify therapy techniques used for pre and post frenotomy as well as baby friendly exercise techniques for developing oral motor function and breath control for improvement of sucking skills and feeding stamina.


Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, hotel/lodging, travel stipend
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

You Are What You Do: Ethical Decision-Making

Dr. Hope C. Reed, CCC-SLP, C.O.M.

 Associate Professor in the Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD)
Program at Alabama A & M University (AAMU)
 Adjunct instructor at Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Reed established the world’s first university-based clinic for orofacial myofunctional disorders. She works with the IAOM Research Committee as the Institutional Review Board Chairperson and as an Associate Editor for IJOM. She served on the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama’s Executive Board for 7 years and was the Chair of Ethical Practices.

Summary: This session is designed to enhance the clinician’s ethical decision-making skills by familiarizing
participants with key concepts relating to bioethics and research involving human subjects. Legal concepts and ethical dilemmas are included for consideration.

Abstract, including learner outcomes:
Participants will be able to (1) describe major principles related to bioethics, (2), identify fundamental safeguards for research involving human subjects, and (3) outline clinical, ethical decision-making.

Financial Disclosures: Conference registration waived, hotel/lodging, travel stipend
Non-Financial Disclosures: None

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This Course is offered for up to 2.1 ASHA CEUs (Various levels, professional area).

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